Children’s Books


Beautifully illustrated stories that teach timeless lessons, perfect for children of all ages (and adults, too!).


The Lunch Dance

Join a happy, hungry horde of animals as they jump, karate-kick, and dance in celebration of their favorite meal of the day: Lunch! 

The Land of Falamazoo

A young boy finds himself on a magical island full of wild animals that he can take for a walk! A giant eagle, a green whale,and even a donut loving Gli-Zard! So step right up, now don't be shy! Grab a leash and give it a try!"

Dale The Whale

On his way to meet the Queen for some tea, Dale the Whale runs into so much company! Kids will love Dale and his silly sidekick Ron the Prawn in this touching tale about taking the time to help friends in need.


The Automotive Dance

Scooters, cars, and trucks galore, the Automotive Dance is happening now and you're invited! Meet all the characters as they skip, bomp, and hippity-hop to the beat in this happy rhyming book!

Grumpy Owl

Come along on this silly adventure as Grumpy Owl learns a valuable lesson about treating others with kindness whether they "Woof, oink, gobble! Moo, quack or squeak!"